Engelska texter



Too muths whisky and wine and too much party and fun.Rock and roll all night long. 

Rock so the fluor rocks.

Good morning good night.

I didn’t think  about the drinks 

last night but today when i woke 

up may brain begin to spin.

I’ve got an hangover  today

get out of my head

go some were ealse go to

may neighbour instead.

Plese give me some cold water

and something for may head.

Till the drummer boy to stopp

and turn the radio off.

I’ve got an hangover today 

get out of my head ,go some

were ealse,go to my neighbour 


Don’t let the sun touch my eyes 

and turn off the Light.Idon’t want 

to live trisslotter day let

it be tomorrow today. 

I ’ve got an hangover today get 

out of my head, go some were 

ealse,go to my neighbour


Let the children play outside 

today and till them to be quiet.

And till your ma to come 

another day.

NO I dont want to havet brekfest

to day, give me something for 

may head instead. 

I’ve got an hangover today 

get out of my head 

go some were ealse 

go to my neighbour  instead. 

o live this day 

Författare: Bo Ärneman

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