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This day is the worst day ever. Me and some friends are the only ones who have survived this day and we don’t have any food or water left. We are in danger so please come and help us.


It’s a beautiful day in our village in Santiago, everyone is happy but when it comes to school everyone starts to act like they are sick or that they have got period cramps. But not me, the instant I get to know  it’s school soon. I always go and buy stuff for school. My name is George and I’m 16 years old. And  I like school and I like to play video games and other stuff.  and of course i got friends, Ginny, Sofia, John and mark.

  • Hey man says mark happy
  • hi mark how are you today asks George.
  • i’m fine says Mark.
  • did you hear we are gonna get a test do you think that Ginny are gonna go with that she got her period cramps says George
  • Like i was saying i’m fine but not anymore because we are gonna have a test today says Mark sad

Everyone meets up to go to the test together until George sees something shocking. He sees Ginny. He was thinking a lot if her parents had a fight he gets worried and bc he likes her very very much.He goes to Ginny and asks but he dont get a response back. almost the whole class was there he started to count until suddenly his phone started ringing its his dad

  • Dad? are you okey is mom okay? asked George, nervous .
  • son everything is okay but whatever you do dont leave the school stay in there  i will call you whnén you can come and tell your friends to answer to their parents call! says mr Johnson mystery

His dad hangs up and he still doesn’t understand what is going on. So he went back to the classroom and they took the test . George is already done so he is sitting and waiting until his friend is done with the test. After the test was done, George went  george to his friends and told him about what his dad told him earlier about not going back to their house and to not go anywhere. All of them didn’t know what to say until they started hearing people screaming. They looked out of the window and saw that people were attacking each other. they didn’t know what to do so they watched and stayed still and scared. They looked at each other confused because they didn’t know if they would run away or just stay there . but the the only thing they know is that they knew that the call was about they didn’t have choice but the to survive and make sure that none they know and got hurt or anything.

Author: Kian

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