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One Wish Mixed Novel

 One Wish Mixed Novel(16159 worlds by Anna Imberg)

About 20 000 words by Anna Imberg (SE)

The time for Smart Entrepreneurs is Now

Starting your own business can feel distant for many. During the corona pandemic, e-commerce around the world has escalated, which has opened up the opportunity for new entrepreneurs in e-commerce. The financial crisis with high inflation has made it more difficult for established companies to achieve the desired results and many companies are forced to reduce operations. Some companies are even forced to close. This opensup for new entrepreneurs. It is important to find simple and unique concepts that directly result in a stable business according to plan. As interest rates are still high, it isimportant to invest correctly. Not taking unnecessary risks but at least having the capital required to make a meaningful business. Some worry about World War III and others don’t. Some see the Corona pandemic as instead of World War III, which can probably be considered healthy. Most people probably agree that the Corona pandemic should be over and that the economy should stabilize in the US/EU/SE/JP/China and the rest of the world as well.

I have just attended a start-up course and learned more about the important document business plan.

Having a solid plan for start-ups is of course a must. The secret behind the best companies is to have simple and unique concepts and at the same time be competent in the field. An investor wants to see results from their investment. I.e. an ROI that is good. Due to the world situation, there are many capitalists who prefer to invest their money abroad for various reasons. It is important to have good agreements and avoid unwanted surprises. All activities carried out, regardless of work area, must take into accountthe environment and climate. Sorting garbage is very important. Not so fun may think some and othersunderstand the importance of sorting.Recycling plastics is very, verygood. The same applies to the collectionof metals. As far as recycling of paper and cardboard is concerned, it is more doubtful what is best. However, some want to recycle to save forests. In Europe there is not as much forest as in the Nordic countries.

New entrepreneurs choose to write theirbusiness plan and present their idea. The plan consists of different parts such as: presentation of the new entrepreneur, presentation of the business idea, presentation of market research and sales, presentation of organization and agreements, presentation of budget and financing. The budget consists of pricing, start-upcapital, sales budget, marketing budget, start-up capital budget, liquidity budget and profit budget.OK.

I have written my own business plan for my own company in the form of a sole owner. The business idea is translation and perfume sales on the internet. That is, unique business concept based on simple concept. Sales during the first year are estimated to be SEK 525,000, which corresponds to approximately USD 52,500. Note that turnovercorresponds to the company’s total sales and this is not the same as total profit as costs must be deducted first. Normally, VAT is not included in turnover. To start the company, I want a start-up capital. All investors who wish to invest in my company are welcome to contact me. I sign agreements with each one and give an appropriate ROI. When reviewing a company’s potential, it is good to review both from the short term and from the long term. The corona pandemic has indirectly resulted in some industries doing very well while others work worse. For example, e-commerce and translation jobshave increased significantly. Wholesale and retail sales in physical stores have in many cases decreased as a result of increased e-commerce.

A company’s future is determined by the so-called liquidity fund, where the outstanding money from the previous month is added to the new revenue during the month while expenses during the month are deducted. This defines the liquidity that involves the availability of liquid funds. That is, direct money that is on account or in cashandcan be directly used for payment.My hope is that this article will help people dare to start good companies that are profitable. Furthermore, I hope the banks can reduce inflation so that companies can be allowed to perform well so that welfare and stability in the world increase without too much burden on the environment and climate.Norrköping, Sweden, 14/04/2023, Anna Imberg, Article Author.

Burma Cat for Better or Worse

By Anna Imberg(SE)on May 1, 2023.

A prosperous burma cat is a very charming and playful and curious cat that can be considered relatively intelligent. Since I own a brown burma cat, I have had the opportunity to observe this for some time so far and I plan to keep my burma cat for 13-16years.

The history of the breed as such is well summarized by, for example, Wikipedia. The breed is Asian and characteristic of the breed is that its color is described by a single gene in which the natural original color is brown. Today there are different colors on Burma (about 10 in Europe) of which 7 are approved in the United States. The cats have been mentioned in literature from the 1400s and in the 1930s the first Burmese cat was brought to the United States by a doctor (JC Thomson) who was engaged in breeding. In 1936, the cat was approved as a breed in the United States.2 I have to explain a lot before the article about the importance of the Burmese cat can be explained in its proper perspective. Thus, I ask you readers to put up with the following facts that take about a page to mention. It is impossible to investigate everything but to only place important parts in context together that the end result will result in ”peace on earth and moneymaybe…”.

If it is ever important to interpret cats’ behavior, it may be right now after the corona pandemic. I know this may be a controversial issue, but the existence of cats may be associated with religion. Ingeneral, there are different types of breed cats that, due toevolution, acquire a peculiar appearance or characteristic characteristics. In the world there are many different religions and no matter what religion you believe in, there is always a god whois good and something who is evil and some who guard levels in different ways. When it comes to government systems, these arereplaced. Old state systems are being consumed and new ones are being added. As for the question of the influence or influence ofreligions in the state systems, I personally believe that this is governed by Greek Mythology. There are so many gods, figures and icons in Greek mythology that the whole Greek society is built of myths. A central figure is Hades, who guards the dead and retrieves them in ships. Poseidon is the god of the sea who rules the sea everywhere in our time, i.e. both in the sea and in the sky. I once saw the Hades ship itself off my mother’s apartment after my father had died. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus isvery central.

He has an eagle on his right hand and a wolf to help him when he needs to.

It is important that the state systemgets started in the right way in the United States and the rest of the world –not least to prevent war. The first one that may have to exist in a system is Hades. About a year ago, I saw a ghost in a cemetery when I enlarged the background of a photo I had taken and a few days later my uncle passed away. I sendthat photo to the police. I do not know who this was, a kind of messenger of death. My conclusion is that it is important that all people are good and do good deeds and believe in love on the earth.This is to combat evil. Good is for people to follow the 10 commandments of God and do good works. It is important to be forgiving and to care about love and concern for other people. This contributes to peace on Earth.

If you imagine that the corona pandemics instead of world war. And it is therefore important that the state system starts without there being a world war. Dueto the fact that people in the state system lose brain power, such as the cerebral cortex and the brain barrier, and are kept running by their followers in so-called story-telling where someone in the worst case conducts FRAUD activities, there is a risk that the legal systems collapse and that this goes on until these that there is a world war. IS IT NOT NOW THAT WORLD WARS ARE TO BE STOPPED BY STARTING THE STATE SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES? THAT THE CORONA PANDEMIC IS OVER. I believe in good events, I believe in peace, I believe in a future for all and I interpret my burma cat’s behavior and know that religion is extremely important to everyone no matter what religion people believe in.

It is important to do good deeds and think about climate impact. I hope there will be peace in Europe and that NATO will work effectively for peace. I myself have been exposed in SE because my name is AI. I am a private individual. I want the legal system to work in the SE, EU, USA and the rest of the world. I myself have myown applications submitted to the Swedish Chancellor of Justice for assessment because I applied for a Swedish patent as a private person in 2003, and that I won a million SEK in the Swedish National Debt Office in 2004 and that someone used the master key and stole the profit informationletter and photo album in my appartment2004. In 2014, a decade later, I was harassed. I have reported it to the police and am awaiting a response from the Swedish Chancellor. Justice. My claims for damages apply to me as a private individual and were submitted in 2015-2021. This is the background and now back to the Burmese cat.

Since I live under circumstances such that the state system is fulfilled at all times, it becomes quite easy for me to observe and

observe, for example, the behavior of the Burmese cat. This particular cat that I own is a brown male who is 11.5 months old. He senses bad things and good things and is sensitive to, for example, moonlight. He can have figures/spirits against him in his right ear whose influence can be translated into his left ear. The results are usually good as he is prosperous and kind-hearted and that Iam also kind-hearted even though I have been harassed in SE 2004 and onwards in a way. I want to have my million-dollar profit paid out by the National Debt Office and then start working with my own business. I want to write and translate. In my spare time I want to release music records and I have my own copyright as a private person. I name a name of A and my cat is called a name of G. We live at an address with number 156 so the state system seems to be met even though I am a private person. My cage catwith the name of G is private cat. His name is Gabriel. He has different sounds for himself in different situations: Mao, Mjao, Mä (Ma), Morr, Voff voff. In SE, it is the law that all cat owners register their cat with the Swedish Board of Agriculture in order to have control. This is very good. I know that these Burmesecats are sensitive and intelligent cats that exhibit personalities and that sensitively sense contemporary situations. I.e. spirits, figures, people, evil, goodness, etc.For example,Gabriel is sensitive to moonlight. It is often possible to understand Gabriel’s behavior after the events that occur locally as well as globally.

After the corona pandemic, it may be important for everyone with pets (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs) to care for their pets so that they feel good and manage their brain power as much as possible. If there is concern because the state system in the United States has not started, there may be a risk that pets will be affected by this. The impact can be both evil and good, for example, dark cats / dogs etc. can feel this impact. To increase stability in the world, there are good things to do: care about your pet, care about electricity and water, care about sorting garbage, care about choosing environmentally friendly products. Cycling or walking, eating fruit and vegetables occasionally. It is difficult from a religiousperspective to directly comment on, for example, the impact of dogs and cats on, for example, the New Testament, but that there may be connections. Choice of housing can also play a role. Personally, I have experience with St Olof, Sankte Per(Saint Per). I currently live in a rented apartment that I like. I have just finished a course that I have passed in. My hope is that the state systemin the US will start and that the Attorney Generaland the Debt Office will act in my case so that the legal systems are maintained within SE and abroad. My applications will disappear from the system in 2025-2031. I wish that there will remain peace,

and I cannot help but think that there is a risk that the planning of world wars, or rather the planning of state systems, will follow the alphabet. I.e. AG, AH, AI. The fourth in orderis then AJ. My name is AI and I have been ”followed up” in SE 2004-2023. This without my will.Article End.

Fashion, a journey from the past (1950) and present (2023) and future (2096)

This article describes the fashion then, now and in the future. A big difference in the 1950s compared to today is that fashion today is governed by climate policy and functionality. These requirements are likely to remain in the future as well. What does fashion look like in 2096? A question that is probably difficult to answer. New materials and color combinations have been developed. Perhaps a certain style of clothing has turned out to be the best and that all people walk around in the same style of clothing. Bright colors and costumes on everyone? Is this the fashion of 2096? Or is this already fashionable now in 2023? Who walks in graywool clothes. For those who like patterns, colors and patterns can be taken from the great barrier reef to create survival patterns optimized by nature. Those with good imaginations can imagine this fashion in 2096 or maybe earlier. Imagine prisoners who go dressed as zebrafish to feel dressed in trouser suits. They may become depressed the day they are released. Below are some examples of patterns from the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps inspiration can be found for the clothing fashion of the future, as wellas for car design and car fashion. A way to prevent world wars by consuming after the corona pandemic.


FromWikipedia it appears that fashion is called in Latin modus which means way, fashion, rhythm, measure, border; ie something that is compatible with the rhythm and taste of time, ie that which is modern. The word is used primarily, but not exclusively, to refer to the style of clothing. Fashion reflects the ideals. Fashion appears on clothing, architecture, painting and music and cars.

The women’s fashion of 1950 can be described by flippy skirts, narrow waists, corsets, stylish patterns, buckles, buttons, bows, stylish designs. People were probably a little more elegantly dressed than today. The men wore shirts, vests, suspenders, chains, suits, checkered, striped, polka dot, solid color, beige. Today in 2023, people have a little bit of everything, there are so many different styles. In general, you can say that during the corona pandemic, fashion was limited to puffer jackets and wide trousers and then came the strong colors, OK. Stylish strong green (or lime) or shocking pink or sunny yellow or warm orange or chalk white or jet black to name the trendiest colors. The main thing is to think about the environment and climate. HM collects and reuses their clothes. Very good.

What will fashion be like in 2096? Perhaps AI is also involved in the fashion industry 2096.Article end.

Travel to Athens and or living in Athens or (Athens: a way to Universe)

In order to be able to travel to Athens or to be able to live in Athens, I (AI) have to think and sort out a bit:

Greece’s capital, including its suburbs, has more than 4 million inhabitants. About 0.8 million people live in the city centre. I am planning to travel to Athens and can personally live in Athens. It is said that the entire Greek religion is based on myths. Greek mythology is gigantic. Many gods and goddesses and holy persons and icons. A lot of history. Most people can probably travel here and find something that interest them. The question is, can you feel at home in such a big city? It is best to be well-read before arriving in Athens. To know important facts about the city of Athens. The city is like a cauldron with some air pollution. Waste management and sorting is extremely important. Do you think Greek mythology still exists today? Quietly or in reality? What happens if the person guarding the dead is to change the state position in his case? Can those who are dead then come alive again? Can gods and saints exist inreality? Can creation be re-prepared and planned by some as humans wage war in the world? Some may be messengers and responsible for ensuring that the earth must remain and be preserved no matter what happens and happens. The scholars follow changes in the world and updates in the Bible occur in the New Testament. For example, there are other disciples today in 2023 compared to those who were considered disciples in 1980. No matter what religion you believe in, it seems to be 10 commandments of God that are central. These are worth

mentioning here. There are slightly different interpretations within different religions. In Christianity following the Bible, 10 commandments of God have been summarized from the stone that God gave Moses on a mountain. Hence (according to Wikipedia): 1) You shall have no other gods beside me. 2) You should not misuse the name of the lord. 3) Sanctify the day of rest. 4) Honor your father and your mother. 5) You shall not kill. 6) You shall not divorce 7) You should not steal. 8) You shall not lie to your next (9) You shall not steal your nexts house. 10) You shall not be jealous of anything that others have. 

I believe in these commandments and I feel guilty for being divorced. I’ve been married once and I still care. 

My hope is that people follow these commandments somewhat now and in future. My advice to everyone, regardless of religion, is to care about goodness and think about everyday life. Visit some church occasionally and understand that Greek mythology can actually exist in some way, perhaps because it has never completely disappeared, even though God created Adam and Eve to somehow remove other gods and saints from the earth. The greatness of ancient Greece was from the 7th century b.C.to the 300s b.C.That is, Greece existed long before year zero. This can be a prerequisite to understand in order to travel to Athens or to live in Athens. The earth is a subset given to humans and the universe is larger and probably also provides space and time for Greek mythology. One reason may be that Greek mythology became too complex so that in the end the limitation became the intelligence of humans. This, then, can explain God’s first commandment. When I travel to Athens or when I live in Athens, I exist as a human being on earth and live in the present and appreciate being able to exist as a human being. Article end. Article Author: Anna Imberg (SE) 2023

Legal Aspects SE/EU/USA 

I am educated M.Sc. and Ph.D. in engineering and science in SE. 

Nowadays, one can wonder if the legal system is stable in SE/EU/USA. Who can solely ensure? It seems that so-called Story Telling has taken over the world more and more. For better or for worse. I hope that this Story Telling is conducted by kind people who are not mean or criminal and who pursue good causes. This is to prevent instabilty in the world. In SE there are always 349 delegates in a political election, regardless of how many political parties participate in a political election. Perhaps those who are scholars within politics can sort this out. I have seen the trends in

society from 2004 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2023. After my university education, I have been robbed of a million-dollar profit letter on a premium bond and photo album after I applied for a patent as a private individual in summer 2003.I hope to recover my stolen things because I am a private person and not a psychopathor criminal.I wonder if similar things happento people in Europe and in the United States. For example, I know that 300 judges being employed for lifetime in the United States. I also know that in the springtime of 2023, the EU have been temporarily dissolved and then re-formed again. I have submitted legal applications to the Swedish General Attorney 2015-2022. I hope the cases will be completed before the documents disappear due to the age of 1 decade.

I hope there will be peace in the world and that the ethical/political and legal systems will be reviewed in the SE/EU/USA. And that people keep their brain power as much as possible. In conclusion, the people who engage in storytelling should be kind and careful to increase the chances of politics, ethics and law working as well as possible now and in the future. A philosophical question: Can story telling be abolished? IS GDPR responsible for “Story Telling”? Are the red/white people responsible for the Story Telling? Who are responsible for the “Story Telling”? Article end. Article author: Anna Imberg, SE.


Author: Anna Imberg, SE.

There is a long tradition of Real Estate in Spain. Real estate can be found from Barcelona to Estepona. Popular cities and towns are: Estepona, Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, Almeria, Valencia, Barcelona. 

Personally, I think the properties in Estepona and in Nerja are nice and affordable. I have been searching for object in Spain since 2017 and am waiting funding from the Swedish General Attorney. In 2017, the price situation was different than today. In 2017, a luxury villa cost about 10-12 Swedish millions, while today the prices are higher. There are many different options that the real estate agents offer: apartments, studios, villas, semi-detached houses. These can either have their own private pool or be part of a complex with communal pool. Most of the properties have pool in Spain. Some are located very close to the sea and others a bit away or further away. Some are even up in mountain villages. Spain is perfect for those who like sun and heat and strong food. The property 10 

developers have a good labourmarket in Spain. New projects are being developed and are expanding relatively quickly. Some offer to build the desired villa after ordering and the move can in most cases take place within 6-12 months. One example is here presented “Beautiful cozy REAL ESTATE Villa in Nerja in Spain, price 4, 75 Million SEK (May 2023)”. It is often stone materials that are used. Chalk white villas in the evening sun in Estepona. Some objects are built in black and white. Often the roofs are rectangular, but different styles of houses and villas occur. Central to Real Estate is the sense of style, luxury, DAY-LIGHT, freedom, harmony, planning. Often the style is modern or timeless. Large balconies and patios are present on almost all objects. The sun is so strong that many people use hedges and cypress trees to screen some. Many complexes have gyms with exercise bikes. Several areas with golf villas occur. Some in complex. A good advice for anyone planning to really buy a real estate is to be well-read. To study the market for at least 6 months before making a purchase and to select two or three and travel for viewing. Agreements and contracts are signed together with lawyers. An interesting question is, of course, the forecast. The forecast for the future for 5 years and for 10years. People want to invest their money in buying properties for themselves for accommodation and others buy properties that they rent out weekly or monthly. There will always be a great market for Real Estate in Spain.

There is also Real Estate in Portugal and in Greece as well. I know.Article end. Anna Imberg, Sweden May 2023.

FINANCIAL ”Money in SE/EU/USA”(591 words) 

Today, May 23, 2023, the courses SE/EU/USA are as follows: 100 SEK today corresponds to 8.80 USD and 8.25 Euro (data from Forex.se). It is rumored in the news that the money is out or spent in the United States. What can be done to prevent this? One way isto collect money in the United States and replace them with new ones. Another way is to just print new money in the United States without replacing the old ones. In case of the latter, consumption should increase in the US, at least in the short-term perspective. One way for stabilizing. The question is what happens in the rest of the world. Nothing or everything. Since the United States constitutes the United Nations, the other world’s currencies may be ”locked” when the United States increases its capital (either in more money or in more sustainable money, i.e. in the short and long term). This should be defined as devaluation in former case and revaluation in latter. 11 

What other ways are there to use? Possibly to create movie stars/photo models in SE andlet them act as movie stars/models in SE/Europe and the US and let them earn a capital on their way to the US. This earned capital they can then use as private money if they have to. Funds or cash. Certification/legalization required. Similarly, some Americans may be able to act as movie stars or models in the US/Europe/SE. Certification and legalization are required in similar way.

It seems that the corona pandemic has been instead of war and it is time to care about the Americans’ situations to prevent further cases of corona pandemic or in the worst case war. Hopefully, World War III will never happen. It seems that the planning of wars follows the alphabet. That is, that AG was followed up before World War I, that AH was followed up before World War II and that AI was followed up before World War III. Instead of World War III, there is artificialintelligence era simultaneously. I am rather sure that AJ is now being followed for World War II. Maybe this will start around 2048? And AK may be hunted for about the year 2070. I have to blame these conclusions on the fact that my name is AI. Let us all help each other to ensure that world wars never happen. Money are destroyed in society due to infections. New currencies in the form of crypto are being developed. Take China and Liu Kun as example. Personally, I prefer real money and no crypto. It is generally believed that the German keeps his funds in gold bars. I hope real money can exist in the future without too much inflation and devaluation and revaluation. Real money in cash. For you, and you and you. 

Finally, if you smart readers think this is a shady article then I agree with you. I write the article because I myself have been followed in this way 2004-2023 without yet having received money for persuments. I have even been robbed of my private 1 Swedish million dollar profit on my premium bond that I won in 2004. I hope I will now obtain this 1 Swedish million to my personal account. If this happens, I, as a private individual, will shine and catch up with the sun. I can already hear the state’s yarn in chorus: may we be references. Yes, maybe. Article end. Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE.


(293 words), by Anna Imberg (SE) 

Roses can be of the most various kinds, such as climbing roses, straight up growing, shrub roses, bunch growing. Roses can have large or small flowers and vary in color and shape and also in 12 

number. The leaves can vary in size and color and the thorns can be very different as well as the smell. A rose without the beautiful rose scent can have very large and sharp thorns, while a rose with a smell often has slightly smaller thorns. Outdoor roses have more pronounced thorns than indoor roses have. Then Which rose to choose for a fresh real estate villa? Many people choose simpleflower beds with large-flowered New Dawn climbing roses. The flowering time can vary anywhere from June to November for different roses. If you always want flowering roses, you can mixand have a few varieties at the same time. In June, for example, the red climbing rose Paul’s Scarlet Climber blooms. The climbing 

rose New Dawn pink large-flowered blooms, for example, in October but also in other months. Most of the roses are white, pink, red or yellow. It is very neat to mix two to three colors, such as red, pink, white or yellow, white, cerise or red and pink or cerise and yellow. To succeed, planning and proper care with soil, watering, light are required. White Akito roses are alwaysnice. The colors of the roses also have different meanings, for example: Apricot (gratitude), White (purity), Yellow (friendship), Pink (elegance), Orange (passion & warmth), Red (love). These can be tips when the real estate roses are planted, but not least thoughtful for also the skilled colonists who take on and dig in the soil. OK.Article end. Anna Imberg.

A few Splashes of Perfume for You (356 words)

Article Author Anna Imberg, SE 

Making perfumes is very easy even though these sometimes cost a lot to buy. The basis of a perfume is often water with a very small element of an organic media to dissolve fragrant substances that may not be completely soluble. Often used are essential oils. The history of perfume is presented on Wikipedia among other places and most likely the first perfume was made in Mesopotamia in ancient Egypt in the 2000s f.kr. In the past, perfumes were made for religious or therapeutic purposes. They used oils and incense. 

Today, fragrant substances are used in the perfume formulation,and these can be both synthetic substances or real substances. Often used are flowering flowers from shrubs such as roses, peons, jasmines, hyacinths, but also upward growing flowers such as lily. Spices are often used such as vanilla and cinnamon as well as herbs such as mint. Plants such as nettles can sometimes be used as well as more special plants such as white tea or resin or conifers. Generally speaking,there are fairly direct rules for what may be used. The substances should together smell good and have a desired 13 

effect, such as giving a fresh scent of purity. All constituent substances must be approved in accordance with current legislation. Each perfume maker has its own recipes for successful results. These are sold in bottles worldwide and some are expensive and others cheap. 

The perfume manufacturer produces either fresh scents for the day or slightly more aromatic heavier scents for the evening. Most people find their own favorites among all the perfumes available on the market. An enormous number of perfumes contain, for example, roses and/or vanilla along with hints of additional substances. If the same scent is used recurrently, receptors are upregulated in the nose and brain of the user. Sometimes it can be good to change the scent for this reason. It is also good to use both day perfume and evening perfume. According to information from Wikipedia it is said that the first historical chemist was Perfumer (Parfymör in Swedish).Article End. Anna Imberg.

Athens in my thoughts (632 words) 

I take an ordinary trip to Athens and choose to travel with some bus tours in the center of Athens. To see as much as possible. This is never boring. Athens can be hot in summer but air conditioning is good. The city is like a cauldron along the famous rock Acropolis. 

Athens, which is the third largest city in Europe, has more than 4 million inhabitants. In the urban area live about 753 500 (in 2010) and today maybe similar. Most famous of all sights is the rock Acropolis with the famous temple of Phanteon (from 450 before Christ) on top.

The university was founded in 1837. Athens has an amphitheater entitled Theater of Dionysus. This is at the bottom of the Acropolis and was built already in 300before Christ. Fascinating. 

Mitropolis is the famous Cathedral of Athens with many visitors every year. In Athens there is the Temple of Zeus, which took 700 years to complete with construction starting in 500 before Christ. A tribute to the holy father of the Greek Gods. Also noteworthy is the Arch of Hadrian which separates ancient Athens from New Roman Athens. This was built in 130 after Christ and interestingly similar arches can be found also in other cities of Europe (Italy). 

The center of Athens includes three large streets with a lot of traffic and a lot of exhaust fumes. Here is also the famous trilogy that was established between the years 1839-1891. The trilogy consists of the University built in 1839–50, the Academy of Sciences built in 1859–87 and the National Library built in 1885–91. These 14 

three buildings were designed by two Danish architects, the Hansen brothers long ago.

Other attractions include Plaka, which belongs to one of the oldest residential areas in Athens. Another area spreads out above Plaka. This area is called Anafiotika and was mainly well known in the 1800s when the famous Otto planned the city of Athens.

Other residential areas are Kolonaki (meaning the small column), Athens’ richest neighborhood) which forms an exclusive small area in the center of Athens. Here people are more well-dressed and shopping in boutiqs. There is also the famous Lycabettos hill. Athens has an antique market called the Agora with a lot of visitors. Other famous parts are: Psyrri: a district with everyday style during the day and trendy discos in the evenings. Exharia: with all students in Athens. The style is here artistic and intellectual. Kebabs eat some. Monastiraki, there are many restaurants and markets here. As well as some 1800’s villas. Piraeus is the well-known port. 

Believe me, Athens has so much history based on solely the Greek Mythology. In ancient Athens, wine and olive oil were exported from the slopes of Athens to and around the entire Mediterranean. Amazing. 

For excursions, Delphi is called” Thecity in Ruins” on the slope of Mount Parnassus. The ancient city of Delphi existed in the 7th century before Christ. Today you can travel here for a 1-day excursion as the place is located outside Athens. Very interesting. 

The gold of Mycene and murals from Santorini are some of the “reported sights” of the Archaeological Museum of Athens. It seems that most visitors are very satisfied with this museum and its contents. Athens is home for many other museums. Just choose style or type. For instance, Benaki (Kolonaki/Lycabettos hill) and others. I hope my ordinary trip to Athen soon will become reality. I feel I love this amazing city and I feel “home” here.This city have so much history and at the same time maybe even more future. The number of inhabitants have been reported to be rather constant since year 2000 and about 3154000. Article Author: Anna Imberg (SE)

Greek Mythologyhave never died, or?

Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE

The mythology of Greece is still both importantand interestingtoday. Below a brief summary(some information part of from internet)is given where the main gods, goddesses and beings are 15 

mentioned in 607words.Questions today are if the Greek Mythology is still existing around this world and within theUniverse.Most likely, this is the case. Sokrates, Platon and Aristoteles had a lot of intelligent conclusions and hypotheses about Philosophy, Religionand Science. Somewhere all these three meet and that is the Reality. Maybe these three were first in their field herebyspreading their knowledge around this world thereby creating this Reality still existing nowadaysand in future.

Aphrodite: The goddess of love and beauty who rose like a foam from the sea in Cyprus.

Andromeda: A young woman whose life was (almost) taken. Mother: Cassiopeia honored her own beauty to deprive the beauty of the sea nymphs, which angered Poseidon.

Apollo:Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto and twin to Artemis.

Ares:God of War. He stands for wars unlike the peaceful Athena.

Artemis:Twin with Apollo. Goddess of the hunt and the forest.

Athena: Wisdom, civilization, science, Goddess of war working peacefully. Metis (wisdom). Born from the head of Zeus (like a ray). The goddess also appears in the Odyssey where she helps Odysseus.

Atlas:Atlas carries the heavy sky on his own shoulders (previously the sky was supported by pillars, which Atlas guarded). He wears an orange robe on his arm and he is dark-haired. If he waves his robe at someone, this could possibly mean happiness.

Demeter:Earth goddess. Said to be responsible for crops and bread and harvest festivals.

Dionysus: Hands over a wineleaf to the people and often surrounds himself with satyrs. The god of wine.

Eris: The goddess of disputes who creates and causes intrigues and brawls. The apple in her hand. The Eris apple.

Eros: The god of love, child of Aphrodite and most likely had Ares as father. Ignites love in creatures.

Hades:Embodies the underworld. The ferryman’s name is Charon. Hades has a dog with three heads (Cerberus). Hades likes Persephone (daughter of Demeter). She has been brought to the underworld and sometimes she leave the underworld and control the seasons. Half of the year.

Hephaestus:Inventor of fire and volcanic eruptions.2 16 

Hera:Queen of Olympus, wife of Zeus. Scepter, peacock are her icons, she is sometimes called Dione.

Hermes:Son of Zeus and Maia. The god of travel and movement.

Hestia:Daughter of Kronos and Rhea. Sister of Zeus.

Kronos: Son of Uranos and Gaia, i.e. son of heaven and earth.

Medusa:      Deadly. Her hair consisted of venomous snakes and her gaze could petrify people. Her head was taken and sent into the sea so that the horse Pegasus was formed.

Nemesis:Goddess of Vengeance.

Orpheus:Depicted with harp. Musical.

Poseidon: The sea god. He has a trident.

Prometheus:  The champion of men, stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. He was chained to a wall and an eagle came every day and hacked out of his liver, but his liver grew out again every day.

Sisyphus: He has set himself up against the gods by imprisoning death (Thanatos) so that humans can no longer die. The gods referred him to the underworld to serve his sentence: rolling a rock up a hill every day.

Tyche: Goddess of chance who can also see into the future.

Zeus:  The Father of the gods is the god of Olympus. He stands for the lightning. Married to her older sister Hera. (Hera becomes the Goddess of Marriage).Article End. Anna Imberg.


Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE(366 words).

I found the information on internet and my intention is to visit some of these museums soon in futureand learn more about History and Art from Greece. When evaluating the sightsavailableI think these museums are among the most famous and probably most interestingones.Beside the museums, there arenumerous round trips available (some with guide)and also differentday trips to sightsoutside Athen. I think the museums are the most effective way to learn about the history of Greek. So much information and knowledge have been collected and summarized. So much history. NowadaysmaybeAthen is the most important city of all around the world. Only future can tell.So much visdom:

Acropolis Museum, History Museums, Thissio / Makriyanni.

National Archaeological Museum, Art Museums • History Museums, Exarchia.17 

Benaki Museum -Museum of Greek Culture, Art Museums, Kolonaki / Lykavittos(Lycabettoshill).

Museum of Cycladic Art, Art Museums, Kolonaki / Lykavittos.

Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Kolonaki, Vrettos Antiques, Art Galleries.

Byzantine and Christian Museum, History Museums, Pangrati.

Museum of Illusions Athens, Modern Museum.

Bouboulina’s Museum, Speciality Museums.

War Museum, History Museum, Pangrati.

Floating Naval Museum Battleship Averof, Speciality Museums.

The Jewish Museum of Greece, Speciality Museums • History Museums, Plaka.

Hellenic Motor Museum, Speciality Museums, Vathi.

Museum of the Ancient Agora, History Museums, Monastiraki.

Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, History Museums.

National HistoryMuseum (Old Parliament), History Museums, Permia.Goulandris Museum of Natural History.Article End. Anna Imberg.

Crete in the Past, Present and Future

Article author Anna Imberg, SE (647 words). 

Crete is a lovely holiday place for many and a great place for year-round living. The island is 260 km long and 60 km wide. Its history has been described so many times elsewhere. Below a brief summary of the most important events in Crete is given. The information is partly taken from various sources on the internet. Remarkably, already 6000 years before year zero, there were (according to the internet) people living in Crete. These lived a Stone Age life and probably originated from Asia or Africa. The main story: 

6000 before Christ (bC): The first people who were probably from Africa lived in Crete. 

3000-2500 bC: Immigrants from Asia lived in Crete. 

2500-1100 bC: (Bronze Age). Mimoic culture of Crete is present. 

1900 bC: The Palace of Knossos is built in Crete. 

1700 bC: Some palaces are destroyed by possible earthquake these are rebuilt. 

1400 bC: Crete was conquered by people from mainland Greece. Mycenaean culture. 

1450 bC: The palaces were destroyed again. Reason unknown. Possible volcanic eruptions on Santorini. More likely, the Mycenaeans destroyed the buildings (Minoan culture). 

1100 bC: The Dorians take over Crete. Minoan culture is dying. The Dorians faced the Iron Age. 18 

69-66 bC The Romans take Crete. 

In year 59, the Apostle Paulus arrived to Crete and introduced Christianity to Crete. 

In 824 Crete is taken by the Arab pirates. The Arabs built a castle which they called Heraclium. The city of Iraklio is here today. 

In 921, the Byzantine Empire is formed. 

In 1204 The Byzantine Empire falls apart and Crete is sold for a small sum of money to the state of Venice.In 1645 The Ottoman Empire from Venice captures Crete. The city of Heraklion was besieged for 24 years. The Turks ruled the island for 200 years and many were forced to convert to Islam. 

In 1770 Rebellion possibly due to religion. 

1821-1832 Greek War of Independence. 

1832 Greece is an independent state, but Crete was not included and ruled from Egypt until the Turks took over Crete. 

In 1898, Crete became independent. 

In 1913 (May 30) Crete formed a union with Greece. 

During World War I, Greece joined Britain, France and Russia and was rewarded for this at the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920, when the Ottoman Empire was dissolved. 

1941 (21/5) German occupation of Crete. The whole island was occupied after a week. The occupation lasted until 1945. Crete recovered relatively quickly. 

1960-2023 Tourism has now flourished for 63 years. About two million tourists travel to Crete every year (2020-2023). 

Famous cities in Crete are Chania, Rethymnon, Agia Pelagia, Agios Nikolaos andHersonnisos. Heraklion is the capital of the island which in total measures about 8361 m2. There is republican rule on the island and the religion is Greek Orodox Christianity. The total population is approximately 623, 666 persons. The language used is Greek and the currency Euro. The time difference to SE is + 1 h. 

Crete offers an outstanding nature with four mountain ranges or mountains and a large river (45 km long) Geropotamus. Fertile soil can be found on the slopes of the mountain ranges. Among other things, oranges, wine, olives are grown here. A large Ravine Samari The gorge spreads out on the island. The major cities in northern Crete are Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion. I myself have been to northern Crete about three times in total. 2 times I havetaken my vacation in Rethymnon. Chania also seems nice. Personally, I have applied for a job in Chania a few times. I have also traveled on excursion to Crete from Santorini once in summer 2004. In conclusion, Crete is a very lovely island that welcomes for holiday or year-round living. During the summer the temperature is about 30-35 degrees and about 22-26 degrees in the water (Crete Sea). Lovely. Article End. Anna Imberg. Article end. Anna Imberg.19 

My Greek Holiday in Athens 

Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE (747 words) 

I’m going to Athens on holiday and take a flight from Arlanda. The flight takes 3 hours and 55 minutes. Everything works perfectly. I have booked a very central hotel in Athens entitled 7 Sani Deluxe Suites near the foot of the Acropolis. Here I will stay for 4 days at the good price 4402 SEK. Not far from Plaka and Kolonaki and Benaki. At the international airport in Athens, I have to wait a bit for the bus that will take me to the hotel. Heavy traffic is common in Athens’ airspace and a little waiting is more the rule than the exception. The bus arrives and I have already bought the ticket and exchanged Euro before departure. The journey to the hotel works very well and takes about 50 minutes. I reach out to Dimos Agia and the General Hospital of Athens. Ipass Art House in Athens and the bus continues to the hotel I booked. This hotel is nice and affordable. Nearby are other hotels of similar standard where prices can be about three times higher. I get off the bus and check into Hotel 7 Sani Deluxe Suites.Perfect this day, as the check-in takes place somewhere between 14-18. 

Upon arrival, passports are of course controlled. The hotel is clean and the hotel staff nice and friendly. Most of the conversation at this hotel is in English. Also Greek and Turkish are sometimes used. In the entrance there is some welcome information. Tips on museums and some maps of the city. The room is a private suite of 25 m2 with coffee machine, flat screen tv, city view, private bath, ie similar standard as in my own apartment home. The hotel is located in the historic center of Athens, which is called the ”Quarter of the Gods” because narrow alleys wind towards the foot of the Acropolis. The hotel is for instance 500 m away from Athens City Museum and 350 m from Omania Square. Temple of Olympion Zeus is 1.5 km away. Omania Metro Station is 400 m away. I check into my room and unpack my bag. Hanging up my clean clothes in the closet. The hotel is nice for city breaks. The nearest beach is about 7 km away. Flisvos Beach and EdenBeach. The Acropolis is 950 m away. I have an early dinner at the hotel which consists of Greek buffet ́ with olives and feta and dolmades and grilled swordfish as well as fresh vegetables and cappuccino with sugar for dessert. After dinner, I lock up my valuables at the hotel and watch Greek TV briefly. I put on some makeup and go out to a museum. Best to take the opportunity and visit attractions. Athens City Museum. There is a lot to see here. A good summary about everything there is to do in the city of Athens which has so much history and so many sights. I’ll only be here for 4 days and will try to see as much 20 

as possible. After the visit to the city museum, I buy a bus ticket for the bus tour the next morning/day. City Sightseeing Athens, Piraeus & Beach Riviera Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours. The ticket costs about 275 SEK and is valid for one day. Seeing Athens from bus is efficient and fun and a great way to get acquainted with the city. The City Museum is also very interesting. I eat one dinner daily during my holiday in Athens and in my four days I had time to visit the following sights, all of which were very nice and educational. I also had time to go around town for some shopping. Tex ZARA in central Athens is a nice store. I am happy I had had the opportunity to visit all of the following Sights in Athen. Many are ancient: 

1. Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens 105 57, Greece. 

2. Acropolis Hill. 

3. The Old Olympic Stadium. 

4. Lycabettus Hill. 

5. Tourist Information Center Athens, Dionysiou Areopagitou 18, Athens 11742 GR. 

6. Metropolis Cathedral in Athens, Greek Orthodox church from the 1800s. 

7. Temple of Aphrodite Urania in Athens, (historical attraction in Athens). Athens 105 55, GR. 

8. Pireaus. 

9. Kallithea. 

10. Paralia Artemidos, beach or bay. 

11. National Archaeological Museum. 

When I take the bus back to Athens International Airport, I decide to return to Athens relatively soon. Athens is so nice. Forever. 

Anna Imberg. Article End.


Article Author Anna Imberg 

Nowadays I live in Athens and like the Greek islands a lot. Earlier I lived in SE and went on holiday to the Greek islands sometimes. To islands such as Santorini, Crete, Andros. Nowadays, I travel to Aegina sometimes and to Parga sometimes. These destinations are both very nice. I like Greece and like big city and islands. Below ia presentation about Aegina (Aegina) is given. Aegina may seem like a boring island near Athens with poor quality of water, but this is not the case. Despite its small area, the island of Aegina offers a diversity that makes the island interesting as a tourist resort. For 21 

those looking for a calm holiday and who want to see more of the Greek traditions, Aegina is a very good destination. Travelling to Aegina is easy and there are relatively many things to see and do. 

Aegina is an island just off the coast of Athens. Only 25 km outside Athens. There are relatively many mountains here. The island is 77 km2 and about 12000 inhabitants. Of these 12000, the vast majority live in the main town, Aegina Town. On the east coast of the island there is a smaller town, Agia Marina, which is often visited by tourists. Between Aegina Town and Agia Marina there is a famous monastery called Agios Nektarios. Nectarius was/is a Saint who can perform miracles. The monastery has a unique building that is partly rounded and reminiscent of Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona. 

Historically, it is said that the island have had 365 churches. i.e. one church for every day. Most are nowgone and about 33 churches are today open for visitors. The church in Aegina Town is nice and famous. 

The island produces pistachio to almost all of Greece. The average temperature reaches 33 degrees in July to August. On the island there are some springs and wells as well as some roads of cobblestone similar character. These roads can be found, for example, at Paleochora, the historical site with old churches and ruins. 

On this island there is a temple called the Temple of Afaia. A temple to the goddessAfaia. The temple is very well preserved to this day and an real attraction. Many tourists travel here. This temple was built around 500 before Christ and there is probably some connection to Minoan culture as the temple was built over another temple. Thetemple of Afaia was built in two parts and there were marble statues depicting Athena surrounded by warriors outside the entrance. These statues are preserved at the Glyptoteket (sculpture collection) in Munich.

The easiest way is to travel to Aegina from Piraeus by boat. This takes about 40-50 minutes. A large port is located in the main town of Aegina Town. Boats are available to Hydra, Poros, Aegina (Saronic islands). On the island of Aegina, the philosopher Platon was born in 428 before Christ It is often said colloquially that Platon was born in Athens, but he was born on the island of Aegina outside Athens. Aegina belongs to the Saronic Islands. There are at least 5 in total and Greeks residing on the mainland sometimes have holiday houses in the Saronic Islands. One Greek holiday to Aegina is nice.Article end. Anna Imberg22 


Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE 

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and the name of the island comes from the Greek word for rose. The island is sometimes called “The Sun Island” because there are 300 days of sunshine every year. The temperature in summer varies between 28-40degrees Celcius. Often it is windy and the climate is pleasant. This destination is loved by so many. One of the most popular destinations in Europe! The season runs from March to October. There may be some rain from November to February. During the summer months, the climate is rather dry. Rhodes has an unique history. 

The island is located in the east near Turkey. The surface area is 1398 km2. The island currently has about 133,000 inhabitants and about 80,000 of these live in Rhodes Town. The town of Rhodes consists of an older and a newer part. The older one has been a cultural monument since 1988. There are many towns on the island, such as: Rhodes Town, Lindos (with the village Lardos), Acropolis, Kameiros, Ixia, Kallithea, Agios Nikolaos, Faliraki, Kremasti, Paradisi. 

In Rhodes there was once a huge statue (33 m high) of the sun god Helios that was built in 280 before Christ. Interestingly, this statue was as big as the Statue of Liberty in New York is. After about 50-60 years, the statue (226 before Christ) was destroyed in an earthquake. The statue was the tallest of antiquity and was counted as “one of the 7 wonders of the world”. The island of Rhodes has, like so many other islands in Greece, had some earthquakes (226 before Christ), 1400 and 2008. These occur at some point and are difficult to completely avoid.

In general, the island of Rhodes offers diversity. Attractions: New and Old Town of Rhodes, the 7 springs (Epta Piges) with the Italian building from 1929, Kremasti with pebble beaches and windsurfing. Faliraki (1.50 km from Rhodes Town) with karyoke clubs and bars. Butterfly Valley (nature reserve with waterfalls and streams). Prasonisi (headland) with surfing on the southern tip of the island. Lindos is a city from ancient times with famous buildings such as the Acropolis and Atena Lindia. Cities like Monolithos and Gennadi. Churches. 

In Rhodes there are a total of 15 different beaches, most with pebbles (bathing slippers needed). On the island there are also several famous museums such as these 15 and others: 

• • Rhodes Museum of Modern Art 

• Mineralogical Museum – (Stamatiadou) 


• • Kastelasmuseet. 

• • Rhodos Nature and Folklore Museum 

• • Astronomy Cafe 

• • Rhodes Jewish Museum 

• • Bee Museum 

• • Rhodes Toy Museum 

• The cultural and Geological Palace of Rhodes 

• • Aquarium of Rhodes 

• • Path of Gods 

• • Art Park Rhodes 

• • Museum of Ceramic Art 

• • Modern Art Greek Museum 

• • The Magic 

Rhodes International Airport is called Diagorasand is located about 14 km from Rhodes Town. This is not far from the city of Paradisi. If you travel by bus or taxi from the airport, it takes about 20-25 minutes from the airport to Rhodes town. The flight from Arlanda takes about 4 hours. 

Some also celebrate Christmas and New Year in Rhodes. The island is, like Crete, quite mountainous and for example there is the mountain Attavyros which is about 1200 meters high. 

The religions are Greek Orthodox (majority) or Catholic (minority). 

Words: 546 (OK).Article End. Anna Imberg


Anna Imberg, SE 

Egypt is the large country in northeast of Africa with 96% desert. The current president’s name is Sisi. Egypt’s area ( about 1 000 000 km2) is twice as large as Sweden’s and the Nile forms a central part of the country. The southern parts of the country are called Upper Egypt and the northern part of the country is called Lower Egypt. This is due to how the Nile flows. Today, persons who are rich can apply for African passport and citizenship of the state of Egypt. 

The Capital is Cairo with 21 million inhabitants and 106 million in total in Egypt. In summer, the temperature reaches 32-36 degrees C, and in winter the temperature is 22-24 degrees C. The country has Rebulic. The country has tight control and most trade is handled by Egypt. The ”Arab Spring” occurred in 2023 with political unrest. The religion is 90% Sunni and 10% Christian. French, English and Arabic are all established languages in Egypt. The country has existed for more than 5000 years. Egyptian civilization started in 24 

3150 before Christ. Civilization developed along the Nile River. The country is divided in different ways as a result of different times: the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. Egypt had a good time during the New Kingdom (Late Bronze Age). The country was ledby 11 different Pharaohs (Faraos), all named Ramses. Egypt was then conquered several times and has, for example, been a province of Rome (30 before Christ). 

Civilization developed through the Egyptians taking care of minerals from the Nile and developing scriptures Hieroglyphs as well as trading with nearby regions. 

The religion in Egypt is polytheism for 3000 years. There is no scripture, but religion was conducted with custom and tradition to try to connect man with nature and with gods. Different gods exist according to the literature. Ra, the sun god, is quite central. He travels in a boat or appears as a man with a bird’s head with a circle on his head. Sometimes he tried to escape from a snake. It is said that the sun god Ra is above most other gods and that he can rule over the elements. Some pharaohs were able to achieve goodness status in the afterlife after death, and some others could (or can) achieve this. There was also a cyclical understanding of time in which important things were repeated.An example is that the sun god Ra travels across the sky every day or that the Nile overflows every year. The three important watchwords are truth, order, justice. Amun is a god who can bless to goodness Sometimes against the exchange of gifts. There is ascripture that summarized the religions of Egypt: the Jumilhac Papyrus. Polytheism was briefly interrupted by the sun god Aton, but then polytheism returned once again. How does Ra relate to Aton, some may wonder. Aton was created by a Pharaoh and grew into an independent god who would replace all other gods. He is often depicted with solar disk and, most likely, this was an attempt to introduce monotheism. The sun is central in most religions, which is why Ra and Aton are strong divinities. Aton was created by a Pharaoh who in turn may have obtained eternal divinity from Amun ev. Ra is not directly created by anyone else and is an independent sun god, which is why polytheism has probably always existed and monotheism has not taken off. Important elements are weather, wind, natural phenomena, magic. A kind of game with parameters and degrees of freedom where the pieces always fall into place. Sometimes in a repetable pattern because time is dedicated to be cyclical. Sometimes at least. 

Most likely, Africa’spolytheism has been influenced by telling about Adam and Eve and Christianity as a kind of truth and story that has since existed. Regardless, Africa has a central role in all religions. Polytheism exists and what happens depends on what 25 

people themselvesbelieve in and their deeds and truths and orders. Being kind-hearted and forgiving is important. 10 God’s commandments.26 

provide good guidance in monotheism (like Christianity). Africa has a very central role in the Bible. All important events have their origins largely in the religions of Africa. For example, biblical elephants, Moses in the reeds. Personally, I know that there are several gods. For example, African gods and Greek gods and several gods from other religions. I also believe that Moses received stone tablets from God. Regardless, I believe that the gods and mythologies of Africa are very important for the future. Sometimes two gods were depicted at the same time (party/counterpart) and sometimes entire families of gods were depicted within the African religion. Above all, the cyclical understanding of time, i.e. that situations, things reoccur or are repeated, is something important. Perhaps everything that happens around the world is determined in advance in broad terms. Cyclical understanding of time is important. Some people think of creation, the Holocaust, presidential elections, wars, natural phenomena. The property of blessing to divinity seems to be a way of creating polytheism. Whether this exists today is difficult to evaluate. Personally, I believe in most of the gods and most religions. I believe that everything that happens always happens according to an expected forecast (space, time, spirit or god). The Trinity seems to be a result of degrees of freedom. For example, three vice men or e.g. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, (Astronomy, ideology, down-to-earth philosopher). Or, for example, saints such as Sankte Per(Saint Per), Sankte Olof and Sankte Erik. These lived in completely different eras but got their state position as saints and as long as they do not find their successor, they remain in their state position. After they become saints, they do not age in the same way as when they were human beings and thus these are believed to coexist in an assessment, for example. In Christianity it issaid that Saint Peter has the keys to the kingdom of heaven and it is said that he has two keys. In reality, he may have three keys but that one for some reason is zero. Sometimes gods or spirits can be visible, sometimes the god can be invisible but can speak or even show himself in a natural phenomenon (eg a burning bush). The Apostles are well-known as complainers. They are seldom satisfied. These were never accepted into the kingdom of heaven. In the Bible, scripture is summarized in Acts. 

1089 words. Article End. Anna Imberg27 

A Memorable Historical Trip to Karphatos with Future 

Article author: Anna Imberg, SE 

The flight from Arlanda takes about 3 hours and 55 minutes. The island is located halfway between Rhodes and Crete and has unique and interesting history with many conquests probably due to its geographical location. For example, the Dorians were here in antiquity, but history goes further back in time. Already in 431 before Christ, Karpathos participated with Sparta in wars and Rhodes took overpoweron Karpathos in 400 before Christ. In year 42 before Christ, Rome took overpoweron the island. For centuries, Arabs and Venetians have dominated on Karpathos, which also had an affinity to Rhodes. Turks and Italians and Germans have ruled the island for certain periods. At the end of World War II, there was a famine here. Sailors sailed to Egypt and then received help from the United States. All this history is preserved on the island of Karpathos. 

The beaches have sand and pebbles with clear water. The island is a bit windy. In August, the average temperature is around 28-29 degrees Celcius. The island’s traditional resort is Olymbos (a mountain village located 230 meters above sea level). About 400 inhabitants. This village is a real attraction. You can travel here by boat from Pigadia and then by bus. The roads can be a bit bad at times. Bus, car or bicycleworks. 

Today, the island has a total of about 5500-6000 inhabitants all year round and in the summer the number doubles when tourists arrive. Karpathos is bordered by the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The island spreads out in a south-north direction and is long, narrow with some mountains. The largest mountain is called Kali Limni (1214 m). Pigadia (historical name: Poseidon) is the capital city. Here are restaurants, hotels, shops. This island is also known for preserving a lot of traditions in costumes. 

Most tourists swim and sunbath and go on excursions. Many hiking tours are available to hike on. Mountain villages are available and these are often cozy with characteristic houses in harmonious tones. Many white limestone houses are also found.The mountain villages are cozy and nice both from a distance and up close. 

There are churches on Karpathos, such as the Agia Sophia church. Many fine museums are to discover. For example: Archaeological Museum in Arkasa, Art Center in Minas Vlahos, Folk Museum in Othos. Othos is the oldest city on the island that is relatively peaceful. To summarize, Karpathos is a very interesting destination in all its simplicity and splendor. Here you can relax and have a memorable and pleasant and healthy holiday. Theisland is characterized by its history. In the cities there are restaurants with 28 

Greek culture and song and music. Art and jewelry can be traded at affordable prices. One question that scholars can ask themselves is what happens if enough tourists go to aplace like Karphatos and walk in the footsteps of History. Is this good or is this bad? Perhaps this explains why Greek Mythology has not died out. Probably. Perhaps Karphato’s walking tourists can live a better future life because they have won saints and Greek gods during their journey. Poseidon can be one and probably also completely different gods can be present. Word count: words: 552. Article End. Anna Imberg.

Exotic Paradise Madeira 

Article author: Anna Imberg (SE) 

Madeira is a different destination. Christianos Ronaldos has been named the airport since 2017. The capital is Funchal and this is located on the south coast. Otherwise, most of the cities are located along the coast and on the south coast there are about 6 cities and on the north about 4. The island belongs to Portugal, but geographically it is considered to belong to Africa. It is located 600 km west of the coast of Africa. In total, about 267,000 live on the island and 106,000-128,000 in the capital (2023). The island was discovered by Romans and Vikings sailed here in the 900-1000s. In 1418-1419 the island was discovered by a Portuguese navigator. Porto Santo is a neighbouring small island with a ferry connection. There are many seafarers and tourists who have visited the island, which today can also be compared to a kind of exotic paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The language of the island is mainly Portuguese which belongs to the Romance language and is derived from Latin. Reminiscent of Spanish. During the 1400-1500s, Madeira was a cultural center with colonies around the world. Famous goods exported: sugar, wheat, bananas, oranges, Madeira wine. Wheat is currently produced and sold to Portugal, among othercountries. Most crops are grown on the coast in the south. Income from banana production hit a record high in 2022 as it increased with 44%. The main income for Madeira is tourism. 

In 1970, Portugal received democracy and in 1978, Madeira received the flag (blue, yellow with Christ’s cross). The flag symbolizes water and the island and a memory for seafarers and explorers. The island has beautiful nature and many people go here on health trips and adventures. There are plenty of mountains on this island. In the north there are some animals. The Lido area outside Funchal is considered a popular area. There are a lot of pools. There are dolphins and whales but no sharks off the coast of Madeira. The water is too cold for sharks. Water activities and adventure activities are some attractions for tourists traveling here. In 29 

addition, there are opportunities for cultural activities such as visits to museums and visits to churches. There are some restaurants and shopping opportunities for tourists too. On the island of Madeira there are currently a number of Swedish people living here all year round. This number is small. About 42 people. The Madeira Day is celebrated 1/7 i.e. the day when Portugal gave the island self-government. In Portugal, about 80% are Catholics and the rest belong to mixed religions or no religion at all. Madeira has an outstanding natural environment with lots of birds and elements of flowers and Ecalyptus forests. Madeira’s Laurisilva Forest has been a World Heritage site since 1999. This is a relic of an earlier forest type and covers an area of 15,000 hectares where the composition can be 85-90% original forest type. Some species are threatened with extinction. In addition, there are very different mountains with cozy mountain villages. Upin the mountains there are often slightly lower temperatures while the climate is otherwise pleasant (beach / water). Interestingly, on the island there is a well-developed canal system for utilizing water and irrigating lower places. Along the canals there are paths that have been used by people since the 1460s. These trails have been developed and today constitute nice hiking trails that have been used extensively by tourists. During the coronavirus pandemic, travel to Madeira decreased significantly. Many tourists hike in Madeira and guided tours are organised. There are and have been so many churches in Funchal and Madeira. Tex: Capela do Corpo Santo, (in old town of Funchal). Capela de Santa Catarina (in Santa Catarina Park, Funchal). Small nice church. 15th century in wood and 16th century in Stone). Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte (north of the zona Velha). Igrejado Socorro completed in 1768 and destroyed in 1803. A multitude of different churches from past or present can be mentioned: Igreja de São Bento, Funchal Cathedral, Igreja do Colégio, Igreja de São Pedro, Igreja de São Salvador, Holy Trinity Church, Church & Convent of Santa Clara, Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Livramento, Igreja Matriz do Porto Moniz, Nossa Senhora da Piedade, Capela do Espirito Santo, Igreja de Santo António. 

In Madeira there are a variety of museums too, about 25-29 of them, see for example https://www.madeira-live.com/se/madeira-museums.html. This island is suitable for those who want to experience something new and different. It is relatively cheap to live on the island. Some who travel here stay here forever as they find it difficult tofind anything better than this exotic paradise with so much history. The island has also been considered a tax paradise for the part where the system may be advantageous. Some who travel here stay forever as they find it difficult to find anything better than this exotic paradise with so much history. 30 

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Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE 

The country of Portugal offers a wonderful climate with many hours of sunshine. Few countries in the world can offer similar conditions for both charter, vacation and cultural travel with historical perspectives. Going to Portugal and the Algarve is relatively easy: i.e. flying directly from Arlanda to either Porto or Faro. If you travel to Portugal (eg Lisbon), Porto fits well and if you travel to the Algarve coast, a flight to Faro fits perfectly. From Porto you can preferably take a bus south to Lis-bon.For example, there are affordable Flix buses. The ticket costs about 140 Swedish SEK and the journey takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. If you travel by bus, you will have the total overview and see a lot. It is also possible to fly from Porto to Lisbon. Thereare also high-speed trains. A trip then takes just under three hours and costs about 550 SEK. Lisbon is the capital with about half a million inhabitants. The city is very old and the second oldest of all cities in Europe. Athens is even older. In year 1156, Lisbon became the capital of Portugal. Lisbon has always been a trading centerin Europe. Portuguese for instance make very beautiful glass and porcelain. In the city, which consists of 24 different parts, there are both colleges and universities and museums and modern buildings and beautiful architecture. Some happy colors on houses. A taxi trip is relatively cheap. West of Lisbon there is also a riviera with two seaside resorts. Estoril and Cascais. In Lisbon there are many attractions, such as: National Palace Pena, Belem Tower, Immersivus Gallery, Oceanario Lisboa, hop-on hop-off bus tour and tram tour, boat trip in Lisbon’s coastline, 1500 century monasteryMosteiro dos Jerónimos. Interestingly,in total there are about 80 different churches in Lis-bon. Many are extremely beautiful and well preserved. For example, Church of St. Anthony, Santa Maria del Belem Church, Basilica da Estrela and many more for you to explore. Lisbon is also home for many museums. Tex Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Gulbenkian Museum (Museu Gul-benkian), Museu Nacional dos Coches. In history, Spain has occupied Lisbon for 60 years 1580-1640. In year 1755, large parts of Lisbon were destroyed in an earthquake. Lisbon is located where the River connects to the Atlantic Ocean. In the city there is a large famous city park: Monsanto Park. Historical center is located on hills (seven hills). 

Faro offers both sandy beach and mountainous heights with white limestone houses and steep cliffs down to the water that is the 31 

Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is characterized by a long sandy beach with tall houses and apartment hotels close to the coastline. On the beach there is room for tourists in sun loungers and if you round around the characteristic cape there is a large harbor with a lotof boats. Swimming pools are available at some hotels. On the Algarve coast there are several resorts such as Sagres, Salema, Lagos, Albufeira and a few more. In Vilamoura there is a nice harbor with many boats. 518 words. Article End. Anna Imberg.

A Japanese Belief in Nature 

Article Author: Anna Imberg, SE (750 words) 

Japanese Religions, 8 million gods There are several religions in Japan today and two are larger than the others. Shintoism and Buddhism. The former came to Japan in the 700 th and the latter came to Japan in the 500 th. Shintoism is called Shinto and it means ”Way of the Gods” and means that people believe in many gods. As many as 8 million gods. About 80% of Japan’s population believes in Shinto. Shintoism is based on the belief that nature is animated. That material things have souls. It shows reverence for nature. Natural phenomena and other things have meanings. Mount Fuiji 10 km southwest of Tokyo is sacred and is perceived as a National Symbol. Holy power is called Kami. Shintoism is based on Kami. Kami means that some-thing is supernatural and sacred. Shintoism lacks temples. It is believed in holy places. The highest and most popular deities are the sun goddess Ama-terasu, and the rice god Inari and the god of war and peace Hachiman. According to Shinto, the Japanese emperors are related to the sun goddess. In-terestingly, Shinto is very reminiscent of Greek Mythology. Myths and fairy tales about heroes, love, betrayal, life and death. Everything is about Kami. According to Shinto, the world was created from a cosmic chaos in the universe and shapeditself as an egg. The egg was divided into three spheres, the celestial sphere, the terrestrial sphere and the underworld. Three heavenly kami The first gods were created from a cloud. Other religions are Christian-ity and Islam. Christianity arrived withJesuit missionaries in the 1500s. More recently, Judaism and Hinduism have also taken hold as religions in Japan. About 1% of Japan’s population are Christians. 

In Japan there are about 20 major cities, such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Sendai, Nii-gata, Osaka, Sakai, Yokohama. Japan is located on 5 major islands and many smaller ones (total number of 6847). The main island is called Honshu and on this island is the capital Tokyo. Tokyo has about 14 million inhabitants, but if you include areas on the outskirts and call the city Greater Tokyo, the fig-ure is as much 32 

as 43 million inhabitants. About 4000 Swedish people live in Tokyo today. In total, about 1400 Swedish people know Japanese. In China, most are Buddhists or Taoisms. The latter is more a kind of philosophy of life. In everyday speech, 5 religions are counted as world religions and these are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The religion of Africa is probably also very important all over the world. Perhaps it should also be called a world religion. Today, some are probably wondering if the terrible historical bombs were dropped in Japan because Shintoism possibly made it difficult to secular state system due to main polytheism and the number of gods within Shintoism. Today, this is not a problem because the system in the world is already existing. Shintoism should be approved as a major religion in Japan and the rest of the world. The purpose was perhaps to remove many people from Zeus through their belief in polytheism, but then most Japanese are dark-haired, so perhaps these were practical obstacles for some in their planning and implementation of future systems in this world? Based on this, it is maybe acceptable today to denote the following religions as world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindusim, Buddhism, Greek Mythology, Shintoism, African Polytheism? All religions that are directly related 

on Polytheism seem to be sorted out and usually their followers are dark-haired, which possibly means that these polytheistic religions are more difficult to confirm as world religions as they may establish a competitive situation regarding the number ofplaces in heaven? Some argue that those who are light-haired should be kind-hearted and believe in few numbers of gods, and those who are dark-haired should believe in many gods to increase their chances. I dare not speculate further on these issues, but I believe that most religions are important. African Polytheism, Greek Mythology, and Shintoism are important to many. Shintoism cares about nature and this is a good thing. Perhaps these three religions can be given a little more future inter-est? “I feeland conclude that their belief in nature is to restrict 1 degree of freedom in one way or another in order to increase the religious influence on humans. I can summarize to feel the religion evencloser in real life from one theoretical and practical perspective.

Article End. Anna Imberg (SE)

New Religions can maybe be Created by Varying degrees of Freedom 

Article author: Anna Imberg, SE (1491 words) 

What is a religion? ”Something that enough people believe in enough.” Can new religions be created freely at will or if new 33 

religions arise spontaneously. Yes, probably both freely and spontaneously. 

Each system can be described by G=H-TS. 

That is, Gibbs free energy is Enthalpy (H) -temperature times the entropy (TS) of the system. For a process, one can subscribe delta G, i.e. difference in Gibbs free Energy before and after. If the difference is zero or negative, the process is spontaneous (i.e. happens by itself) without supplying energy from outside. If the process is non-spontaneous, energy must be added from outside. 

An important property of a system is its internal energy: U. This should preferably be unchanged in a system. This internal energy is sometimes called internal energy and is defined according to Wikipedia as ”The sum of the kinetic and potential energy of the atoms of a thermodynamic system or a clearly defined physical object”: 

U=Sum= E1+E2+E3+……….+Ei (unit Joules) where i is the number of atoms. 

The internal energy has a well-known temperature and volume dependence described in thermodynamics. Important concepts in the theoretical description of a religion or system are also Enthalpy, Helmholtz Free Energy, Gibbs Free Energy, Entropy. 

What happens spontaneously in reality is whether a system can form a more favorable state that often involves a gain in energy. These processes are called spontaneous processes. In religion, things can happen by allowing things to reveal themselves in a predeterminedway. A predetermined way might be what happened the day before or maybe in some cases a year ago. These things that manifest themselves can of course be previously deceased people or weakened people who have managed to ”float forward” with or without temperature. What really happens in reality, then, is an interaction at different levels between people, gods, spirits, beings, saints, martyrs and predetermined events in state systems. Apostles are called those who are messengers in Christianity. These can be messengers between, for example, saints/gods and people. Many texts describe their commitments as complainants. Sometimes their lyrics are described as deeds or songs. In the Bible there is a section on the book of Acts (texts). These apostles are also likely to influence people’s moods and thus their deeds. 

As for degrees of freedom, these are originally described in simplicity in terms of particle properties: According to Wikipedia, for example, a freely moving particle can be described by three coordinates (the trinity). The particle then has three degrees of freedom. The particle is then said to have three degrees of freedom (translation: position, e.g. x,y,z). To describe a system with N points masses, 3N coordinates are generally needed and such a system 34 

therefore has a total number of 3N degrees of freedom. Each boundary condition/constraint reduces the number of degrees of freedom by one. The question is whether, in the case of religion, one can describe a system of gods/spirits/beings/icons/saintsas a system of point masses? This is likely to be possible. The system can then be described with 3N independent coordinates. 

A body with a propagation in the room additionally has degrees of freedom of rotation. If the body is rigid and freely moving, six variables, often called generalized coordinates, are needed to describe its position –three for translation and three for rotation. If the body is subjected to coercion, that is, prevented from moving in any respect, the number of degrees of freedom and thus also the number of variables needed to unambiguously indicate its location in space is reduced. For a deformable body, internal degrees of freedom are added. 

In the world and the universe there is an interplay between different religions. For example, most world religions. These exist simultaneously and one of these has a belief that time can be cyclical (Africa’s Polytheism). Perhaps this belief in cyclical perception of time has a strong influence on other religions? In Christianity, creation and the Holocaust may be an effect of this cyclical conception of time. I hope not. 

What happens to degrees of freedom within a particular religion upon coexistence with other religions in the universe? Most likely, the system (religion) can be described by the fact that a body included in the system is subjected to coercion and prevented from acting freely in any respect results in a reduction in the number of degrees of freedom. In reality, this means that what is really happening is an effect of several different religions coexisting (same translation coordinates) at the same time. If this is the case, could this mean, for example, that some gods change religion? I myself do not know of any such example. Most likely, this is due to the 10 commandments of God. ”You shall not have any other gods beside me” These commandments of God can then be seen as boundary conditions/constraints in this schematic description of a religion. 

One can assume that a god is also built of molecules (e.g. clouds). Clouds can consist of gases, particles, aerosols. According to thermodynamics, it can be assumed that a gas has vibration and rotational degrees of freedom, as well as translation. A hydrogen molecule then has 6 degrees of freedom. ”2 rotation, 3 translation, 1 vibration.

From Wikipedia you can read that “according to the classical principle of equipartition of thermodynamics, every degree of freedom contributes to the kinetic energy of a molecule by kT/2, i.e. half the temperature multiplied by Boltzmann’s constant. Internal 35 

degrees of freedom contribute to kT/2 in potential energy. A diatomic molecule should thus have 7/2 kT in thermal energy”. 

Quantum physics means that the energy in vibrational and rotational degrees of freedom is divided. This means that the effective number of degrees of freedom that determine the thermal capacity of a system depends on temperature. 

When the temperature drops, the heat capacity goes towards zero and vibrational degrees of freedom can be disregarded. Within religions, different shapes can arise. These can sometimes be warm and exhibit both translation, vibration, rotation while others can be icy and exhibit translation and possibly some rotation but no vibration at all. Article End Anna Imberg36 

New Religions can maybe be created by varying degrees of freedom.How can new religions be created? By varying degrees of freedom, new religions can probably be created. For example, degrees of freedom can be varied by colors of clothing, dance and music, spiritual rituals, vocations, music and rhythms, faith in holy places, temples, communion, creed, fairy tales and myths, stories,walks, rituals, belief in soul, faith in nature, strong faith in a single god / saint / virgin / spirit / essence / icon or to spread the belief in different gods in polytheistic religions. Fire, incense, natural phenomena, high mountains, rivers, volcanoes, influence of the sea., Believe in life after death. Believe in good deeds in everyday life. In Christianity, many people have seen Jesus (often when they have suffered much). This may be due to the fact that the number of degrees of freedom has changed. In Greek mythology, some have seen Athena, Olympus, Hercules. In Christianity, some have seen saints like Saint Peter (who still holds keys to heaven, it seems). 

Since there is always an interaction between different religions on different levels with conditions such as one divine commandment reads ”You shall love your next as yourself”. There is a risk that a person may actually be hunted by saints such as Saint Per. Some people have also received revelations by hearing the voice of God etc. who became saints got this position in the state system, which means that they may want to find their followers. Thus, some people may be contacted by saints repeatedly on different dates under different conditions. A saint can, for example, show himself with material things in his hands or walk with his shirt unbuttoned. In the polytheism of Africa, the biblical elephants are sacred. These may exist from earlier eras now hovering. They use their trunks and are extremely strong in one direction according to their translation coordinates. Perhaps it is the elephants who rule that time is cyclical. Maybe because these can become so old and wise. The same applies, for example, to the serpent in paradise that is strong in one translational coordinate. Thus, the simplest beings described in this reasoning and occurring at the beginning of time, creation. Common to all religions is that they begin with some type of creation story. This is completely different in different religions. 

In general, new religions can probably be created (without old religions disappearing) if enough people believe enough in the religion that is thus created. 

The background to this article is that I myself have had a lot of followers in 2022 (about 1000-2000 persons tried to contact me). It seems now, a year later that these maybe were dead people and souls from the Ukraine war. I am living close to Saint Per on Saint Per´s Street. OK.Article End. Anna Imberg37 


Article 806 words by Anna Imberg, SE 

The elephant is the largest of all mammals that do not live in water. They are descended from proboscis of various genera that lived in Africa 55 million years ago. There are today several different types of elephants living : Asian Elephant, Indian Elephant, Savannah Elephant, Forest Elephant. In addition, there are a number of species that have unfortunately been reported to be extinct. An elephant apparently turns 48-65-72-80 years old and weighs a ton or more. The heaviest elephant found weighed 11 tonnes (an African bull elephant was shot in Angola in 1978 with this weight). Distinctive are the large flat ears. These are used for temperature control as they are very flat and have such large surface area. An elephantbrain is similartoa human brain. A new type of elephant was interestingly discovered in Borneo as late as 2003. This was named the ”Borneo Elephant”. Characteristically, it looks very old. It is relatively wrinkled and has relatively small ears and is usually completely without tusks. It is a subspecies of the Asian Elephant. Even some older specimens of the African savannah elephant may have slightly smaller ears and be without tusks. Africa’s elephants are usually of two kinds: savannah/step or forest.The forest elephant is found in rainforests in western and central Africa, these elephants are smaller and have much rounder ears and also straighter tusks than their relative the savannah elephant. Both African elephants are in danger of extinction. The forest elephant is special because of its unusual tusks. You can also tell the difference between elephants’ spines if this is concave or not. The African elephants often have concave saddlebacks while the Asian elephant is more rounded and convex in its design.Article End. Anna Imberg

General Simulation and Modeling of Religions 

Article by Anna Imberg, SE (595 words) 

The reality can be considered complex for some. Not least when it comes to religions where there are so many coexisting religions in the world today. Thisis not a problem for most people. By being understanding and curious about different religions in the world, most cultural clashes can be avoided. Most people have a religious belief or a belief in something and what is right and what is wrong can may notbe established. Is there a way to control the future with religions? Is any religion above another or do all religions in the world coexist at the same time. Is any religion only a subset of any other religion? These questions should be answered by 38 

mathematicians if they follow the following advice and set up a simulation of the universe in which each present individual religion is modeled. Interactions between different religions must also be taken into account for. For this unique simulation, external factors can be used to see what effect is obtained at the end. External effects can be sun, moon, earthquake, flood, temperature wave, seasonal variations, climate effect, atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, war, pandemics, famine and hunger. 

The following things can be simulated: monotheism, polytheism, rebirth, death, cyclical time perception, linear time perception, creation, holocaust, interaction between different gods/religions, Introduction of new persons (saints/angels/martyrs/ghosts). Interplays between different religions. 

In the world today there are 5 religions that are mentioned as “world religion”: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism. Other important ones are Greek mythology, Shintoism (Japan).39 

In a theoretical attempt to depict, imitate, or even predict the future, the constituent systems may consist of the universe in the form of heaven, earth (possibly with church garden and grave places), the underworld (hell/valley of death). In the calculation, several universes can also be taken into account at the same time. Perhaps there is a universe for every world religion (this is just a statement but something that this simulation can probably answer). The following questions can also be answered: How many people believe in each religion. Why do these people believe in the religion they believe in? What happens if people change religions? Can gods/spirits/beings/saints/icons interact in several different religions at the same time? If time is cyclicalin some religions, what does this mean for other religions? Effects? Can this simulation be used to: 1) Predict the future? 2) Controlling the future? 3) Honor/remember deceased persons. 

An important question is whether the number of souls is constant inthe system or not. Who decides how many souls there are? 

The simulation can be performed by simulating the oldest religions to start with. Thereafter, each new accepted religion is added to this calculation. Important events can also be reflected. For example, in Christianity the creation story, Jesus’ crucifixion and heavenly journey. The simulation can also be used to predict or understand events in the world based on dates. Perhaps terrorism can also be stopped by using this simulation correct. 

Parameters in the simulation can be to vary the number of degrees of freedom. This can be done within one religion or within the entire system used in the calculation. The total set of this simulation can become a kind of role-playing game that can perhaps be shown in museums etc.40 

This can potentially be dangerous because people get figurative views of things they shouldn’t understand or be able to see. That is, they can become aware of a reality that is really beyond their own understanding. 

595 Words. Article End. Anna Imberg41 

In general, elephants are very peaceful animals (if left alone) with strong family bonds and social behaviors. They are pack animals/herds that live family-wise. A family is recognized by its rolling gait. They often wander on elephant trails, leaving traces. When an elephant dies, a ceremony is held. The herd gathers and buries the deceased by gathering trees and bushes and covering the dead elephant with. The flock stays for some time and mourns the deceased. This very procedure can contribute to the factthat Africa’s religion is based on a cyclical conception of time. At the funeral ceremony, several generations of elephants meet and collect trees that may be a couple of hundred years old. Although the elephants are not that old in themselves, the trees they collect for a funeral ceremony can be hundreds of years old. [In this aspect I can not help I am thinking about the Japanese religion called Shintoism where the nature can be regarded as holy and further that material things can have souls. Trees for instance can be very old. Nature can be old. Maybe this Shintoism is one way to either limit or to control the African idea about the cyclical conception of time?]. 

Elephants are sacred animals in most religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism.The savannah elephant has four toes forward and three toes back. The Asian elephant has five toes and three toes back. In religion, the elephant mainly symbolizes strength and wisdom. In Hinduism, the elephant is equated with motherly love or female touch. Ganesha is the elephant god in Hinduism. This god symbolizes wisdom and cunningism. In Buddhism, the elephant symbolizes greatness, strength, intelligence, grace, stability. 

In Islam, the year 570-571 after christ is called the ”year of the elephant”. Events are described in the Holy Scripture Quran. Elephant tusks are additionally included 42 

in the flag of South Africa and symbolize moderation and eternity and wisdom. 

Elephants cool off with water and mud. They also have a characteristic sound that sounds similar to a trumpet or like a low-frequency sound reaching far out over the expanses. They use the trunk for most things: collect bushes and trees, drink water, throw water on the back. Break off branches from the trees (to reach fruit or to eat the foliage). 

The African elephants live mainly on open savannas or steps, open spaces, and the Asian elephant lives inside the forest. 

After I defended my thesis in 2003, I sent my dissertation gift, that was a Santa Claus, to Africa in 2004 when I moved within Uppsala Community. Two weeks later, Barack Obama started as a presidential candidate. Now, 19 years later, I have seen biblical elephants surrounded with palm leaves (African Forest Elephant?). Maybe something symbolic? The question is whether the African religion’s conception of cyclical time can or is valid in all religions? Very likely that some special planned events can be repeated or occur in a cyclical manner. This is, of course, up to each individual to conclude about in your own life as example for yourself.

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