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Cathedrals in water.
Frida Kahlo smiles.
Buddha. On the wall,
wearing flowers,
and the teens go there to
worship. At the Buddha center
with the geisha and the
japanese man and the girl
in the dark robe.
Lilies unfolding and
the dead come up from
their graves to visit the
living, drinking holy water
and human blood.
I am. Skeletons and
screaming skulls.
I am soon in the earth,
rainbow of nirvana colours
and her anxeity.
The tbc hospital
and the beds still unmade.
I take the velvet cloak
which is the universe,
and unfold it and the
boy enters the gates.
Universe. Unicorn,
same species,
made of astralchild,
goddesses of theirs,
Church of Satan,
with a priest with long
black hair and beard.
His beard and eyes,
borrowed from jesus,
his third eye and
uncannily, his seeing
souls eye.
I am going to
and those vast forests
and Vlads castle.
I have drunk the wine
of the occult society,
and held their skull.
The mother of all
things paranormal.

Författare: Sofia H.

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