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A dragon’s home


She felt the sky beneath her wings, the wind in her face and the heaven above her. She looked down and saw how far away she was.

Im too fast, guess I have to go back now. She thought, turned around and flew back to the fields behind a small village. The village hidden under wings.
– Azariah! You were too far away, what if someone saw you?
– Stop being so annoying, it’s miles away to the valley where all normal people live.
– Look who’s talking! Turn back to normal, that voice is some scary stuff. The big creature called Azariah laughed at the human and slowly landed beside her. The progress she Azariah went through when she changed form was painful, but only when she turned back to the original form. The scales that were placed as a thick armor over her skin started to fall off and disappear before it reached the ground. Her gigantic body started crimping, or more exactly, being sucked into itself.
– Azar, are you okay?
– Don’t worry, Sparrow. I’m fine.

Sparrow looked out of the only window in her bedroom. What she saw was the sunset that made the fields golden. She heard a low fuzz and looked the direction of the sound.
– Is something bothering you? Her dragonfly said.
– Nulu! Where have you been all day? The girl said with a joyful tone.
– That is not important. I asked if something is bothering you. The pink dragonfly answered.
Sparrow looked out on the fields again, the last shine the sun had to offer slowly disappeared.
– No, it’s nothing. Just feeling down. Nulu looked at her with a worried face.
– Okay then. You should go to sleep, it’s a day tomorrow you know.
– I guess so, the moon comes up later now in the summer. The brown haired girl said.

The next morning Sparrow woke up as usual, by the light that went through her window. Nulu was sleeping on a small pillow beside her. She didn’t want to wake her so she went down to the kitchen, a small room in her tiny wooden house.
Why am I here? I’m not even hungry. She thought to herself and walked outside. Her house was very small, the kitchen just inside the door with the bedroom connected to it.

Azariah looked in the cracked mirror in her cave. She had slept all day so she had missed the sun.  The lack of windows made her long hair darker than ever. Her hair was just like her scales, in the sun it was scarlet red, in the moonlight it was black with a little bit of silver glowing in it but without that kind of light it was black as coal. She looked around in her home and realized how big it was. Just enough space to stretch her wings, so it needed to be big. The walls looked like they was going to crumble. She wanted to fly. She began to start the process to return to her second form. Her skin was already covered in scales and her body started to grow into a gigantic form. She looked around but she didn’t see him. She began to spread her wings but the cave was suddenly too small.

– I always knew you were special. But this was over my expectations.

Azariah looked at the source of the sound and panicked. A human. She stormed out of the cave and jumped off the cliff it stood on. Her wings automatically caught her in the fall as she went to Sparrows warn house.

Sparrow woke up by the wind that made her house shake. Azariah? She rushed to her small window and looked at the sky. There she was, in her dragonform.

– Sparrow! I have to go, they know about me now. This is goodbye.

– No way! The girl screamed back. I’m coming with you.

Azariah was choked and relieved by this.

– Well hurry up. Was all she could say to her.

Sparrow was confused and happy, they were finally leaving this place! She was almost outside when she remembered Nulu. She turned around to call her name but the dragonfly was faster.

– I wasn’t going to let you forget about me. The pink dragonfly said with a smile in her voice.

– I would never do that. She answered. Nulu crawled into the pocket of Sparrow’s jacket. Sparrow ran out and climbed up on Azar. She sat just behind her long neck and in front of her huge wings, along Azar’s back she had like thorns, like a crock.

– Where are we going? Sparrow asked.
– Home. Was the only answer she got, but that was more than enough for her.

Azariah had been flying for a long time now. She and Sparrow had passed mountains, valleys and now they were flying over a desert. She looked at the horizon and saw the sunrise.

– We have to rest now, we can continue at night. Azariah said with a yawn.
– So Azar…? Where exactly is home?

Azariah looked at the sunrise and landed on a soft spot in the sea of sand.

– South. Was all she said.

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Ann-Marie du Plessissäger:

By reading your story I got caught by the story immediatly. Is it the beginning of a longer story? Or, maybe, the ending suggests a short story, a short insight in the life of creatures that do exist, but difficult to discover. I would like that. A world at our side, that is trying to keep secret from us.

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